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Brubi referencie divadlo

Our BrubiBoard was a good buy. You never know if the kids will actually like something and play with it. But the BrubiBoard is part of playtime just about every day. Since we have a one-year-old, we have to be careful not to let fingers get caught underneath it. The games run the gamut; making a slide off the couch is a favourite, as is climbing back up, of course. Sending toy cars down the slide. Then making a bridge for toy cars and trains. Or we place it between two chairs and crawl under it to the choo-choo song. It’s a backdrop for playing shop or putting on shows. It’s a balance board and a seesaw for both kids. And a jump for toy cars, among other things JAs a stool for a low table, for all sorts of climbing. It’s got loads of different uses. Personally, I think it’s great that it’s made of wood; I prefer wood toys to plastic ones. And the look, quality and durability are second to none. Adults have tried it, too, and it held up fine J

–Majka from Bratislava, Slovakia


Brubi referencie spokojný Ninko

We’re 100% satisfied with the BrubiBoard. Our one-and-a-half-year-old, Ninko, uses it every day, crawling and running over it, rocking back and forth or driving toy cars over it. Sometimes even Mummy joins in. Thank you :)

–Eva from Bratislava, Slovakia


Brubi referencie

The BrubiBoard has become a part of our home in no time; from the moment we opened the package, it’s been in near-constant use by our two sons – our two-year-old climbs, clambers and rocks on it, while our five-and-a-half-year-old performs daredevil stunts, pushing his limits further every day :). The design is lovely and refined. Even when it’s just lying around in the flat, it doesn’t distract or get in the way. And the added bonus? Mummy and Daddy can play along, too :)

–Jana from Bratislava, Slovakia


Brubi referencie 110kg

We’re pleased with the BrubiBoard.It gets a lot of use in our home; our six–month-old daughter crawls under it, and our two-and-a-half-year-old son rocks and surfs on top of it :) or uses it as a racetrack for toy cars. So far we’ve tested a load of 110 kg on it, and it held up perfectly :) We definitely recommend it!
–Jana, Suchá nad Parnou, Slovakia


Brubi referencie hojdacia doska

First a seesaw, then a slide; now a road, a bridge, and even a cradle... it’s being put to use, and we don’t regret the purchase :)

–Zuzana, Oravská Lesná, Slovakia


Zpracovani je velice kvalitni a musim rict, ze jsme se na nem "vyblbli" cela rodina. Syn ma problemy s motorikou, tak jsem byla zvedava, jestli to vubec zvladne a nebude to pro nej problem vahu prenaset, ale velice me prekvapil. Nejdriv mel nozky skoro u sebe a prkno jen tak "otukaval" ale behem pul dne uz se na nem houpal jako profik moc se mu to libilo a mel ze sebe naramnou radost, ze mu to jde. Jeste vetsi radost ale udelalo prkno nasi rocni holcicce, ktera ho hned zacala pouzivat jako most, skluzavku, schovavacku pro hracky a casem se take odhodlala to zkusit jako velky bracha. Sice maminka musi drzet rucicky, ale hned pochopila, ze se vaha musi prenaset a mela take velkou radost, ze se houpe Maminka s tatinkem pak naznali, ze je prkno vyborna cvicebni pomucka, protoze jsme hned po chvilce zacali citit svaly, ktere jsme ani nevedeli, ze mame Takze za nas prkno na jednicku a vyuziti siroke. ? Pani Alena ze Žarošic.