DELUXE BRUBI mattress 140x70x12cm

 DELUXE BRUBI mattress made of coconut coir and latex with cotton/bamboo cover 140x70x12cm
(suitable for our FLOORbed, MONTEbed, KUBO bed with dimensions 140cm x 70cm)

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We are developing and manufacture quality mattresses that provide a good quality sleep and necessary support for children's body.  They have got unique qualities and simple maintanence.

Why to choose our BRUBI mattress:

- Made from certified materials
- Long-lasting, breathable and durable
- Sustainable & Eco-Friendly
- Naturally antibacterial and antifungal
- Hypoallergenic cover
- Excellent comfort and progressive body support
- Highly ergonomic
- Consists of the softer and  the firmer side
- Easy maintanence for washing  and cleaning of the cover

Cover of the mattress is made from cotton fabric /cloth ( very pleasant to the touch ) and also from bamboo fleece (suitable for absorbing moisture). Bamboo fleece is eco- friendly (its manufacturing process produces a far smaller carbon footprint).
Cotton cover is washable at the temperature up to 40° Celsius.

Core of the mattress consists of the layers of elastic latex foam and coconut fibers that provide stability of the shape and ventilation.
We developed special layering that creates the softer and  the firmer side of the mattress.
The firmer pad is recommended for babies to prevent the suffocation in the sleep.

Several layers of  the mattress  create a better flexible base and ensures better ventilation. The unique structure of the mattress , that we developed at brubi, allows the layers of the mattress to be separated and easy to be cleaned.
The mattress core is washable with water (by hand) and then left to dry in an airy, sunny place.


Dimensions: 140cm x 70cm x 12cm (height)
Weight: 10kg
Weight capacity: 80kg
Material cover: top cover - 100% bio cotton, filling - 100% bamboo
Material core layers of 100% cocconut coir and 100% latex
Warranty: 5 years
Suggested age: from 6 months to 6 years

Made in EU, CE conform. Only for home use.


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