Climbing Triangle BRUBI

This product contains: NEW CLIMBING TRIANGLE BRUBI

Using the triangle, your children will show you what they can do when empowered by your trust and what it means to go beyond one’s limits.

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Why is our new climbing triangle the best on the market? 🤩
✅ No plywood, only pure solid wood!
✅ Easy to assemble!
✅ Easy to change angle without tool!
✅ Easy to fold without tool!
✅ Designed by product designer Lubo Majer (Red Dot Award Winner in 2020)

The Triangle is a learning aid invented nearly a century ago by Hungarian paediatrician Emmi Pikler. She held the view that children learn and develop best by doing, experiencing, experimenting and overcoming obstacles independently. What they need from their parents is trust, patience and respect. And it is precisely these principles that are embodied in the triangle’s thoughtful design. Using the Triangle, your children will show you what they can do when empowered by your trust and what it means to go beyond one’s limits.

Thanks to its very simplicity, this robust home gym offers a wide range of uses. By playing with the Triangle, your children will train their coordination and gross motor skills, strengthen their muscles, improve their balance and flexibility, and develop patience and focus. What’s more, combining the triangle with the board accessory opens up a new world of possibilities, letting your children’s imaginations run wild.

Apart from its good looks, our Triangle is free of unnecessary components that could injure a child or pinch little fingers. We’ve also included other uses and features after extensive consideration, experimentation and testing.

One important aspect of the triangle is the distance between the rungs, which accommodates babies learning to crawl and walk, as well as bigger children who can scramble up the structure all at once. We’ve paid particular attention to making the height of the first rung equal to the distance between the other rungs. When a child takes this first step, their brain registers the height and expects it to remain constant with subsequent steps – the same principle used in stairway construction. This raised first rung also keeps children from tripping or injuring their fingers.
All these features, along with the triangle’s design, are patented.


Dimensions (HxWxD): please see images
Weight triangle: 7.6kg
Weight capacity: 60kg
Material: solid beech wood, metal screws, and fasteners
Surface treatment: oil approved for children’s furniture and toys, compliant with standard EN71-3
Suggested age: 3+
Warranty: 5 years


Made in EU, CE conform. Use only under the direct supervision of adults! Only for home use.
Due to its size, the triangle is delivered unassembled. The assembly instructions and wrench are included – putting the triangle together is simple.


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