Origin and sustainability

Responsible and ethical manufacturer + responsible and conscientious customer = benefit for our entire planet


Parts and components used for the manufacturing of furniture from brubi are manufactured exclusively in the European Union (Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Poland) and are assembled in our company in Slovakia. The entire production process is inspected during all phases: starting with the wood selection all the way to the dispatch of packages to our customers.

If you opt for our wooden toys and  furniture, we guarantee that by doing so, you do not support the massive global toy industry, which produces millions of non-ecological or low-quality toys each year that pose a risk not only to your children but also to our planet. You have our word that our products have been made with love by our family business in a fair and ethical way with an emphasis on protecting the environment and local communities.


Choosing a sustainable toy or furniture for your child may seem like a small decision, but we perceive it as a big positive shift not only for you and your home, but also for our Earth.

The main factor in sustainability is the material from which the toy is made. Of course, solid wood appears to be the best choice - wood is a renewable resource, but not all wood is the same. It is also important to know which forests the wood is harvested from, that all procedures are followed respecting nature, the local community and its surroundings, that logging does not plunder the forests, and that lumber is not sourced illegally. FSC certification guarantees that the wood used in the manufacturing of your toy is actually from verified sources. All our suppliers of wooden parts and material have FSC certification.

For the surface treatment of our products, we use ecological hardwax oil from the German family business Remmers, which does not degrade the wood, but actually protects it. This oil is produced from renewable raw materials, without additives of animal origin. The Remmers brand guarantees responsible use of resources, nature and human capital. (For more information please visit: https://en.remmers.com/en/Quality-environment ).

An equally important part of the sustainability concept is the choice of packaging materials. Nowadays, in the age of online shopping, the question of packaging also plays an important role. You either end up with a bunch of plastic foils and polystyrene molds in your home after unpacking, or your parcel was delivered to you in an "ecofriendly" packaging. We send you packages packed in cardboard boxes from our local supplier. They are made from recycled paper, which is certified as environmentally friendly and can be recycled again.

While your child practices their skills on the climbing triangle, you can enjoy a good sense of making a responsible and environmentally friendly choice for their development.