Safety and design


First thinking, then making!

Manufacturing of children's toys and furniture should never be a random process. Products for children should not only be for playing, they must, first of all, be safe and functional.

As we start to design our Montessori toys and furniture, we always consult the EN71 standard, which specifies the safety requirements for children's toys, first. All our products meet strict CE marking requirements. Every single product goes through following stages: designing, prototyping, improving and testing, before we add it to our offer. This process takes several months.

We take care of every detail, so that there are no sharp edges on our products, we make sure that our products are safe for your children, and at the same time functional, nice looking, with a long lifespan and will serve you for many years. We always try to put in some extra element that makes our products unique.

Our designer Lubo Majer is behind the whole process of designing and managing the manufacturing of our products. Lubo has been involved in furniture design and manufacturing for more than 20 years and he became the Red Dot Award Winner in 2020 for his work. With the same enthusiasm, he has for creating unique furniture in his design studio (, he is also dedicated to work on products for brubi. He always finds endless inspiration in his children, who are also his first testers and critics :).